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Check out the official schedule of IPL Season 14 by the BCCI. The IPL's new dates for 2021 are out. Cricket lovers are eager to see the dates. BCCI had earlier delayed IPL matches because of COVID. However, the board took a firm decision to restart the matches after a recent meeting. The BCCI announced the IPL 14 new schedule for the remaining matches on July 25.

Indian Premier League is something people wait all year. The season is not happening, which seems disappointing. Fortunately, this year's IPL season is already set.

During the IPL season, a lot of BCCI members as well as cricketers got infected. This happened despite the fact that all members of BCCI took extra precautions. BCCI had the unfortunate decision to suspend play in order to ensure the health and safety of all players.

BCCI announced, on 4th May 2021 the postponement for the current match. The matches began in April, and were to continue until the month of May. Soon, however, this bad news was replaced by a happy one. On 29 May 2021, BCCI had another Special General meeting. At the meeting, the board agreed that the remaining matches would resume shortly starting in September 2021. The board also declared that the remaining matches must be played in UAE.

IPL 2021 Schedule Information Release Date

Match NoMatchDateTime
31MI vs CSK19/09/20217:30PM
32KKR vs RCB20/09/20217:30PM
33Punjab Kings vs RR21/09/20217:30PM
34DC vs Sunrisers Hyderabad22/09/20217:30PM
35MI vs KKR23/09/20217:30PM
36RCB vs CSK24/09/20217:30PM
37DC vs RR25/09/20213:30PM
38Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab Kings25/09/20217:30PM
39CSK vs KKR26/09/20213:30PM
40RCB vs MI26/09/20217:30PM
41Sunrisers Hyderabad vs RR27/09/20217:30PM
42KKR vs DC28/09/20213:30PM
43MI vs Punjab Kings28/09/20217:30PM
44RR vs RCB29/09/20217:30PM
45Sunrisers Hyderabad vs CSK30/09/20217:30PM
46KKR vs Punjab Kings1/10/20217:30PM
47MI vs DC2/10/20213:30PM
48RR vs CSK2/10/20217:30PM
49RCB vs Punjab Kings3/10/20213:30PM
50KKR vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3/10/20217:30PM
51DC vs CSK4/10/20217:30PM
52RR vs MI5/10/20217:30PM
53RCB vs Sunrisers Hyderabad6/10/20217:30PM
54CSK vs Punjab Kings7/10/20213:30PM
55KKR vs RR7/10/20217:30PM
56Sunrisers Hyderabad vs MI8/10/20213:30PM
57RCB vs DC8/10/20217:30PM
58Qualifier 110/10/20217:30PM
60Qualifier 213/10/20217:30PM

Many sources and sports news agencies have confirmed that the IPL matches will resume on September 19, 2021. BCCI has not yet confirmed the beginning date. But BCCI is expected to announce the actual dates soon. Therefore, it will be difficult to view them live on the field. Unfortunately, due to the strict anti-COVID policies in the world, tickets may not also be available for the matches. It is possible to watch the matches at home, while sipping a cup of coffee.

IPL 2021 A New Venue

1Mumbai Indians vs RCB09-Apr-21Chennai
2CSK vs Delhi Capitals10-Apr-21Mumbai
3SRH vs KKR11-Apr-21Chennai
4RR vs PBKS12-Apr-21Mumbai
5KKR vs Mumbai Indians13-Apr-21Chennai
6SRH vs RCB14-Apr-21Chennai
7RR vs Delhi Capitals15-Apr-21Mumbai
8PBKS vs CSK16-Apr-21Mumbai
9Mumbai Indians vs SRH17-Apr-21Chennai
10RCB vs KKR18-Apr-21Chennai
11Delhi Capitals vs PBKS18-Apr-21Chennai
12CSK vs RR19-Apr-21Mumbai
13Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians20-Apr-21Chennai
14PBKS vs SRH21-Apr-21Chennai
15KKR vs CSK21-Apr-21Mumbai
16RCB vs RR22-Apr-21Mumbai
17PBKS vs Mumbai Indians23-Apr-21Chennai
18RR vs KKR24-Apr-21Mumbai
19CSK vs RCB25-Apr-21Mumbai
20SRH vs Delhi Capitals25-Apr-21Chennai
21PBKS vs KKR26-Apr-21Ahmedabad
22Delhi Capitals vs RCB27-Apr-21Ahmedabad
23CSK vs SRH28-Apr-21Delhi
24Mumbai Indians vs RR29-Apr-21Delhi
25Delhi Capitals vs KKR29-Apr-21Ahmedabad
26PBKS vs RCB30-Apr-21Ahmedabad
27Mumbai Indians vs CSK01-May-21Delhi
28RR vs SRH02-May-21Delhi
29PBKS vs Delhi Capitals02-May-21Ahmedabad

The IPL matches were to be played in six Indian cities, which included Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. However, matches were stopped in the middle of the match due to Covid. BCCI has found another venue to hold the remaining matches as India is in serious condition due to the Covid infection.

Dubai will host the remaining 31 IPL games. Before this, there were several estimates about IPL taking place in Australia, Sri Lanka, England, and Sri Lanka. BCCI has confirmed that IPL matches remaining will be held at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Here is the complete IPL14 schedule. Of the 29 matches that were played, 29 were in India. The remaining 31 matches will be played at the United Arab Emirates in accordance with the new schedule. This schedule will soon be released by BCCI. According to the

IPL 2021 points Table


You all know that IPL 14 saw half the matches played at Indian Grounds. Here are the stats for each team to see their performance in the Indian Premier League 2021. There are more than 20 matches left in the UAE for the current league. The movements in the ranking can be seen in IPL Points Table after the season ends.

The IPL Rules state that the IPL Points Table's top 4 teams will qualify for the Semi Finals. The semi-final matches were split into two parts. Qualifier-1 was played between first and second ranked teams, while Eliminator played between third and fourth ranked. The Qualifier-1 Round saw the winner team qualify directly for the IPL Final. The losing team will then play the Eliminator round's victor to determine the IPL 2nd Finalist team. We can conclude that the Qualifier-1 teams have an additional chance to be in the IPL Final if the team wins in the Eliminator rounds. The IPL trophy and the cash prize will go to the team who wins the Final match.

How to Freely Watch IPL Matches

A number of applications are available to download to allow you free access to IPL matches. You can also stream the IPL matches on Twitch, even if you don’t want to install apps on your phone.

Search online to find out about streaming IPL matches. AOS and Oreo, however, are very popular with IPL fans who want to watch the matches for free. Before you install any other applications to help you watch the matches, be sure to read the reviews and ratings posted on Google Playstore.

IPL 2021 Live Streaming Channels

Star Sports TV is the best way to live stream IPL with your family and friends. Star Sports Hindi, Star Sports English, and Star Sports HD offer different viewing options.

Hotstar subscriptions allow you to enjoy the matches live. You can also get the cricket plan even if you don't have a TV subscription to Airtel Jio, Reliance Jio, VI or VI. This will allow you to enjoy the IPL matches right on your TV.

DD News telecasted all IPL matches live on TV last year. The news about the stream of the matches by the national channel has not been announced. Star Sports Network will continue to provide IPL coverage.

IPL 2021 Live-Streaming Apps

You don't need to be able to see the matches on television, but you can do it on your smartphone. To do this, you only need Disney+Hotstar installed in your smartphone. It is one the most used applications in India. Many viewers are able to watch IPL matches via it by subscribing for premium plans.

Apart from Disney+Hotstar, there are many other apps that allow you to view the matches. These applications are:

These apps require that you subscribe with a minimum of a monthly rental to be able to enjoy your matches.

Many free applications are available, including the ones mentioned in this article. If you are looking for quality and ad-free matches then these applications are a great idea.

YouTube is another way to access match videos. While you will be able see most of the videos in their entirety, you won't be able to view them live. YouTube allows you to watch highlights or other special events. You will still want to follow the matches live, even if you are a match-loving fan.

The IPL will be a huge success for not only Indian cricketers but also people from other parts of the world. Though there has been some speculation about the date, BCCI is clear about the venue. Also, the board will soon provide a final schedule based on which matches are actually scheduled to resume in Dubai.


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