What is World Kindness Week 2021 | 13 November 2021

 World Kindness Week came into existence when various groups working for humanitarian causes joined together on November 13 in 1997 and signed a Declaration of Kindness. 

The idea of World Kindness Day turned into World Kindness Week, where everyone is encouraged to sign a similar pledge of kindness and to support charity.

 The week is marked by donating food, books, or clothing to local communities and vowing to be compassionate with others. 

A small act of kindness could make a difference, and you shouldn't ignore the chance to assist those in need. World Kindness Week aims to create a world that allows everyone to enjoy a life of dignity.


World Kindness Week first began with a week of awareness of kindness by the World Kindness Movement. 

An association and institutions from countries such as Thailand, England, Australia and America were brought together by their commitment to spreading the concept of kindness within society. 

The first moments of the World Kindness Movement started from this moment. They wrote their founding declaration and declared that the group's mission was to create a more peaceful and more caring world. 

So it only made sense they would aid in launching the first World Kindness Week in 1997.

We celebrate World Kindness Week to highlight the good works of our communities. Goodwill and acts of kindness are common threads that unite us. 

This week is now globally recognized and is recognized all over the world. Participants from all over the globe gather to show kindness. 

The primary purpose for this entire week is to concentrate on the positive energy that we experience every day. It's a time to learn to teach, share, and show our compassion for other people.

The word "kindness" comes in the Old English word 'kindness, which comes from the Middle English word 'kindenes, meaning courtesy. The week of kindness is celebrated through activities such as music festivals, dance mobs, and random acts of compassion towards the people in our lives. 

At present, World Kindness Week is an unofficial event. Still, the participants are hopeful they can see that this World Kindness Movement will soon receive official recognition from the United Nations.


Why is kindness so important?

Being kind lets us be in touch with others and form lasting connections. When we are treated with kindness by someone, it makes us feel more connected and more inclined to collaborate with them.

How can I show kindness?

You can show kindness by following these ways:

  • Let someone know when you feel optimistic about them.
  • Respect others' words and conduct.
  • Set an excellent example
  • Don't be afraid to share your time and talents and
  • Listen more.

What is it that makes kindness so powerful?

Being a witness to kindness releases Oxytocin, also known by the name of the love hormone, that aids by lowering blood pressure and improving the overall health of our heart. Oxytocin can also boost our self-esteem and optimism, which can be particularly beneficial in anxiety or being shy in social situations.


Offer compliments

  1. Comment about your acquaintances and strangers in the course of World Kindness Week. Please compliment them on their new haircut, style or something you like about them.

Do a random act of kindness.

  1. Be kind to strangers who pass by or open a door, or take off your seat on public transportation. Even small gestures like these can be an excellent way to show kindness to other people.


  1. Donate books, clothes, food items, medicines that are essential or even money to an organization you choose.


Kindness can be taught.

  1. We are wired psychologically to aid those in need.

It's infectious.

  1. Being a witness to a gesture of kindness boosts our mood and makes people more inclined to give it back.

Being kind can help you live longer.

  1. There's a 44% lower chance of dying young when you're kind.

Serotonin source

  1. As with most antidepressants in the medical field, kindness increases the production of serotonin.

Kindness can be a powerful anti-aging agent.

  1. Perpetually kind people are 23% less stressed hormone and can age faster than the general population.


Teach us to be kind

  1. We are absorbed in our daily lives and fail to slow down and consider the needs of others. Being a good neighbour could be beneficial for us as well.

It reminds us that we're not the only ones.

  1. World Kindness Week reminds us that we're not alone and that people are also kind and compassionate. It also highlights the goodness that occurs each day.

The time is now to think of something new.

  1. World Kindness Week is the occasion to think outside the box and come up with ideas. Find creative ways to show kindness and demonstrate compassion.


Year               Date           Day

2022 November 7 Monday

2023 November 13 Monday

2024 November 11 Monday

2025 November 10 Monday

2026 November 9 Monday

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